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Re: Re: XP rides

It seems that time for beet pulp pellets to soak up is really variable
betwen regions, mills, etc.  Some take a long time, some just a few hours.
Probably mostly has to do with pressure used to pelleting, and/or possible
the amount of molasses added during processing.

The pellet size you describe is about average, or you can get it loose
shredded.  Nutritionally, they're the same, the shredded soaks up faster.
Air and water temp makes a difference as well.

When I had my horses in the back yard, I pretty much fed them as you
describe---set it to soak, go putter around for a bit and hey presto, beet
pulp.  Sometimes if I was in a hurry, they basically got a tub of pellets
and water and so slurped up Beet Pulp Soup, and that was fine, too.  It will
continue to soak up, but whether or not it's 'better' kinda depends on the
horse.  Lots of horses do fine without it being soaked at all, others get
picky and need it really well-soaked.  For a horse that has a history of
colic problems (which is mostly an Err On The Side of Caution thing), and
ALWAYS for a horse during an endurance ride, the more soaked, the
better---eventually the pellets totally disappear into a mass of juicy
little shreds and that's as rehydrated as they're going to get.  Usually
that takes an hour or two.

Enough babbling.

susan g

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> Dreamweaver writes:  .   I've been using pellets (which are wonderful!),
> they take
> about 2-3 hours to soak.
> Just some questions re: how long it takes for beet pulp pellets to soak up
> water.  I've been giving my 32 yo mare beet pulp pellets mixed with
> alfalfa/bermuda hay pellets for about a month now.  I have been covering
> beet pellets and hay pellets with water about two inches above the level
> the pellets in a 3 gal bucket.  By the time I clean both corrals, about
> 10-15 minutes, most of the water is absorbed and the beet pellets are
> and disintegrated.  The hay pellets are not quite as soft.
>     1.  Will the beet pulp pellets get any softer than mushy if I leave
> soaking 2 hrs?  Or is it ideal to have the pellets soak up as much water
> possible prior to feeding?
>     2.  My dry beet pulp pellets are small, about as thick as a straw from
> McDonalds, and around an inch long.  Is this the usual size of the pellet?
> Thank you for any info.
> Lindak
> Perris, CA
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