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Re: XP rides

> There is one thing that I'm not sure about -- that's how beet pulp is
> affected by humidity?  It's going to be summer time, and I know that here
> in NV that it doesn't take long for soaked BP to start to get
> rancid.   I've been using pellets (which are wonderful!), but they take
> about 2-3 hours to soak.  I don't think that'll work very well if it's hot
> and humid.  What do you guys think who live in more humid areas?

If you want to see whether humidity will cause beet pulp to get icky, you
might consider just putting some in a plastic bag or bucket or something,
cover it loosely and let the bucket live in your bathroom for a month, the
steamier the better.  If yours is anything like my house, the bathroom is
the only room that currently doesn't have tack strewn around anyway, so you
might as well be consistent.

susan g

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