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Re: RC: Re: EIA

Ed & Wendy Hauser wrote:

> There is good news:  Because EIA is the same type (note: not the same but
> the same general type of virus), there is some HIV research money going into
> EIA horses (you can  morally do experiments on horses you can't on humans)
> and much learned about HIV will eventually transfer to EIA research.

That has been my understanding also.  From what you get from the CDC about HIV
it cannot be spread by biting insects of any type. Contaminated needles and
sexual contact are the main modes of transmission. There is a lot of
misconception about the spread of HIV and most likely about the spread of EIA.
New information will be very welcome. At one time it was thought that EIA could
be spread by farrier tools.

BTW at a Jimmy Buffet concert in Key West there are many people standing two
feet apart among biting insects. I don't think there has ever been a case of HIV
from a bitting insect being documented. Science not emotion or misconceptions
should unravel this. Don't forget that there have been many wrong ideas in
science. The whole theory of light in physics in the early to mid 1800's was
later shown to be absolutely preposterous.

So maybe this new research will shed some light on HIV and EIA.


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