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Does anyone know what the incubation period is for EIA?

Thank heavens that HIV isn't spread from mosquito bites.
HIV now has two strains - HIV1 and HIV2.
I just learned today from an epidemiologist that Parvo virus
is a relatively new disease in dogs.  Cats harbored the virus until it
mutated and jumped into the dog family about 40 years ago. It spread
rapidly and you know the rest of that
story.  Mutated viruses are going to happen and are going to jump
species but I'm not ready to hide in a closet and kill everything that
is scary on the other hand I don't want my horse to get sick either. 
Sure hope they are spending some of that testing money on research for a

Maybe we should start a horse retreat somewhere for infected 
horses.  Oh if I could only have had that winning lottery ticket.

Kit from New Mexico

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