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Re: RC: Re: Wild Horses

Hi Drin

Glad to see someone speak up for the ranchers.  There is a fairly recent 
edition of Afield, an Orion Society journal, that features ranchers who work 
to improve their rangeland.  The socity and the publication are 

I work in heavy industry, so I too get tired of the polemics from those who 
know little, but scream a lot.  I also don't excuse the ranchers, farmers or 
industrialists who won't, don't, can't change their ways.

But what about the ranchers who do shoot bear, wolves, coyotes?  Or the 
"townies" who come out to shoot cattle for sport (?)(in the Pothole region 
in central Washington), then leave the carcasses?  Or the drivers who leave 
mangled deer alongside the road?  Perhaps the cattle killers are disgruntled 
employees, or teenagers with no supervision, or adults with mindless intent 
to kill.  Who knows?

What we do know is the the good stories seldom are heard, and the violence 
we humans display generally is all too often taken as gospel for everyone.  
On the other hand, where would we be without compasssion? And as you point 
out, where would our rides be without the willingness of property owners to 
allow strangers access to beautiful range, farm, and forestland?

Hope we can all maintain our sense of balance and ignore the extremes.  
Happy trails.

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