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Re: RC: blankets/coolers


There is no REASONABLY priced source for GORETEX....but it lasts
forever.  Classic Cover-Ups is the only source I know.  You can call
them and see what their prices are now.  I paid $218 for my sheet. 
However, knowing what I know now, I would pay more if I had to. After a
ride, I give Sunny a warm water bath from my heat exchanger, then just
throw on the sheet.  An hour later, he is warm and dry underneath
without overheating.  Works year round.  I normally leave him out all
the time at home. However, sometimes his pea brain does not get engaged
and he stands out in the sleet and cold and comes in to eat
shivering...I just throw on the sheet.  Never use a heavy blanket...have
a very nice one...he hasn't had it on in two years.  Remember, all a
horse really needs is a "windbreak" to stay warm....and to avoid the
heat loss from being wet with the wind blowing.  That's what GORETEX
does.  It's simply amazing...actually it's not if you have every owned a
GORETEX jacket or shell. You can reach Classic Cover-Ups at (610)
932-9400.  They are in Oxford, PA.

They don't make a rump rug.  Many years ago, I bought a quarter
sheet...which goes up under the saddle.  Didn't like that, so I had it
cut off and made a rump rug out of it.  GREAT..  Also functions as a
rain cover for my saddle in the summer.  It's tiny...when it looks like
a rainy day, I just stuff it in a saddle pocket somewhere, then use it
over my saddle when it rains to keep it dry...just sit on it.

Hope this helps....

Regards, Jim and Sun of Dimanche wrote:
> In a message dated 12/2/00 5:59:58 AM, writes:
> > I use a GORETEX
> >Sheet and Rumprug and have had them forever.
> >
> Where did you get them?  I seldom see goretex blankets for sale.  Eva

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