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Re: Wild Horses

have been numerous stories of people finding horses from this herd shot
some left as bear bait.  Suspicion falls on the ranchers in the area who
believe the land belongs to them.  Truth is the land belongs to the American
people and the horses have a right to be there."

C'mon you guy's , I get so tired of listening to this crap ! Do you people
think that we rancher's who lease state and BLM lands are so stupid to think
that we own these lands ?? Do you think that we shoot every grass eating
animal around so our cow's can have more grass ? Let me tell you what I've
seen , Iv'e seen a retired ranch foreman and his wife who are living on a
fixed income spend what money they could spare on buying feed for 5 elk
calves that got left behind after the herds moved down from the mountains
.They damn well made sure those calves didn't starve . I've seen the
rancher's in the Big Hole Valley  haul in hay ,semi- load after semi- load
to feed the starving elk that FS would do nothing about after the
yellowstone fire . I've seen my husband move his stock out of a pasture
where he had found a cow moose with a hurt fetlock and her calf and then
feed them all winter so they would make it thru the winter . Suspicion had
it that it was rancher's that also shot the wild horse's in the nevada
episode we know it wasn't . A lot of ride's in the mountain and
northwest region are put on because rancher's allow us to use their
privately owned land . So why don't you do them a favor and quit spreading
this environmentalist bull#&%$
                                               Drin Becker
                                               Mtn. Region

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