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Re: RC: RE: slaughter houses

In a message dated 12/1/00 2:47:39 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> People eat horses.  People also eat many other animals.  These other animals
>  are killed for our culinary pleasure in much the same way horses are.
>  Personally, if someone wants to eat a horse that no one else wants, more
>  power to them.  Too many liberal whinny bedwetters around worrying entirely
>  to much about things that needn't concern them.  

I quit wetting my bed last year, thank-you very much.  haha.  

About ten years ago, the Air Force sent me to Korea for a year.  I remember 
one night, in particular, I was at a restaurant, with some of my Korean 
friends, eating a meal that was completely unique to my American tastebuds.  
As we were eating, one of my buddies asked me how I liked the "dogmeat".  
Prior to me knowing what it was I was consuming, I thought the food was 
excellent.  But after he told me what we were eating, I ran to the bathroom 
and rejected my meal.

My point is, it's a mental thing.  Even though I love steak, I can't eat dog, 
when I know it's dog; I can't eat horse, when I know it's horse, and I can't 
eat GATOR, when I know it's gator (does not taste like chicken, by the way).  

When I was in Korea, I never saw one horse.  Not one.  I heard rumors that 
they had a few down south, but I doubt that there were many.  Spend a year in 
Korea and you'll never want to leave home again.

I try not to judge others, especially when it comes to one's diet and one's 
lifestyle.  I just ask that you don't come after my horse with those 
chopsticks in your hand.  If you do I might find out what it is to eat human.

Howard (I was ready for Al to concede until I saw that frightened look on W's 
face the other night.  He looks really scared)

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