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Re: Getting Horses across Borders

Maybe I'm drawing a huge blank here, but I don't remember it costing us anything when we went across the border go to the Pan Am last year.  The health certificate from our vet is $10....I realize that it's pretty cheap, but I sure would check into this more....I know that we had to do quite a bit more paperwork to get into Canada, but I thought that a lot of that was due to the FEI requirements....
I know that quite a few that crossed over into Canada had to completely empty their rigs, whereas, they just basically waived us on....Not sure what the difference was...we went through at the Peace Gardens.
Jan Stevens
Fort Howes Endurance Rides, Inc
Custer National Forest-Ashland, Montana
June 9, 2001
100 is FEI A
50 is IAHA Region 6 Championship
Coming 2002
IAHA National Endurance Championship

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