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Long recovery-follow up

Our new vet came by this morning to examine my colicky mare.  I had put a 
blanket on her yesterday to try and help her conserve energy and when I 
pulled it off for the vet exam, I was really surprised.  Yesterday, the mare 
was gaunt and drawn up.  This morning, she was filled out again, *much* 
better hydration and just looked great.  I thought, "well great, but this vet 
is going to think I'm paranoid too."  

However, a rectal exam did show a small harder area that the vet said was 
"suspect."  The vet said that the long recovery was due to the mare 
attempting to pass the impaction, but that the mare was obviously not 
completely blocked based on her manure production between Sunday and today.  
The mare had good gut sounds and a normal temperature, though her heart rate 
was a little higher than normal for her (40 at rest).  The vet also said that 
my efforts to keep her hydrated were good (see, I've been listening on these 
lists)! but she recommended that we dose her with mineral oil just to be sure 
the impaction was completed passed.  I asked her to take blood and she did 
(though she warned me it would rack up our costs).  She also took a fecal 

Thank you again to everyone who offered advice and support.  It truly meant a 
lot to me.  


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