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Still trying to solve the Chev brake problem

Heading for arbitration next Wednesday.  
Chev engineers claim that it is an incompatibility of the truck 
braking system with the trailer braking system that sets up this 
reaction.  No denying it happens, just denying that it is their truck.  
I am using a Drawtight braking box and my trailer brakes are pretty 
darn standard electromagnetic brakes.  
Everyone that has commented on this problem has brought good 
points to light and has helped me a great deal with this problem.  I 
would appreciate any further comments if there are any.
Considering that most of us trust the trucks we drive with our lives 
and our horses and that many of us are out on the road long and 
lonely, it is disconcerting to see Chev not take responsibility for a 
towing problem.  When we go to buy a new truck, we have no 
opportunity to try pulling a trailer with it until we own it and then it 
is too late.  Trust what they tell us?  Well, after this, NO.  
John and Sue Greenall

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