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Re: Horse Auctions - Response to Lif

You go girl!!!  You're thinking like I do!  I was a cruelty investigator for
several years, and did what I had to do within the law to prove the point.
I would not have stood for someone taking my camera away and taking the
film.  When you are ready to go in, lwt me know!!!

laura Hayes

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Sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2000 8:30 PM
Subject: RC: Horse Auctions - Response to Lif

> At 11:36 AM 11/29/00, Susan V wrote:
> >Cameras were taken away and returned without film when we left.
> I'm sorry if I appear to be belaboring the point, but taking cameras/film
> away like that is not legal either (it's called theft) and if anyone did
> that to me I'd be fast to take action.  VERY fast.   If anyone was in any
> other public place and had their camera taken away people would be
> screaming for the police.  I'd make a point of sending 50 people in there
> with cameras.  Heck, I'd send 100 people in there with cameras, each one
> with 10 rolls of film in their pockets.  Would the livestock auction
> steal 1000 rolls of film and get away with it?
> There's so many people sue people in this country for stupid stuff, I just
> can't help wondering where all the legal-action people are when it comes
> dealing with livestock auctions gone bad.
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