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Re: RC: Horse Auctions - Response to Lif

At 11:36 AM 11/29/00, Susan V wrote:
>Cameras were taken away and returned without film when we left.

I'm sorry if I appear to be belaboring the point, but taking cameras/film 
away like that is not legal either (it's called theft) and if anyone did 
that to me I'd be fast to take action.  VERY fast.   If anyone was in any 
other public place and had their camera taken away people would be 
screaming for the police.  I'd make a point of sending 50 people in there 
with cameras.  Heck, I'd send 100 people in there with cameras, each one 
with 10 rolls of film in their pockets.  Would the livestock auction people 
steal 1000 rolls of film and get away with it?

There's so many people sue people in this country for stupid stuff, I just 
can't help wondering where all the legal-action people are when it comes to 
dealing with livestock auctions gone bad.

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