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Re: Re: Coggins

Florida also requires all horses leaving the farm to have a coggins. I
encounter many horses on the trails in the forest and I sometimes shutter
when I see some wildly tacked ungroomed, skinny, ratty horse on the trail. I
am not saying that they are deadly but, I love all my horses and if they
became ill because of contact with another horse that the owner feels does
not need shots and test....

I have even talked to people at rides who don't even vaccinate their horses
because of cost. But they are wearing nice cloths and riding in $$$$ rigs.

Hey spend the money on a vet call and Vaccinate your partner and have your
test done please! When my guys pass a different smelling gas I ask myself
why, what is wrong? I do the same with my children.


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> You are in an area of the country that has fewer problems with EIA than
> others.  There is a hot area that follows the Mississippi river north, and
> some more in the east.

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