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Re: RE: Auctions etc..long rant on the advantages of wealth

You are so right! Here in the US we are spoiled, and I mean spoiled.
We forget the suffering of ours not a luckily as us.
And you are more then right about what should be done about the auctions and
kill houses , ect.
The kill buyers are and always will be part of the horse world. It was
better in the old days before the animal rights people got into it. Back in
my father-in-laws day he said there were buyers who came and picked up your
horse and hauled it in for you or if you had a trailer and truck could haul
the horse the miles yourself. But the animal rights people made it a
judgment to do this and now people must sell them at auctions and not know
how their horses are treated until their death.
And the animal rights  only tell you about bad plants. About kills that
weren't clean. I'm willing to wager that most of the time it goes smooth and
almost painless.
The killer are a fact of life and  the AR people would be doing a much
bigger service to horses to spend their time and money making it a easier on
the horses who go there then saving a few who maybe shouldn't be saved any
The old, sick and rouge horses,who often marked for kill so they don't hurt
another person.
I belong to a saddle club who years ago went to the local sales barn and
talked the owners that they should treat the horses better. It can be done,
if you talk to them not yell and scream.
Tami Keller ( Speak your mind and ride a fast horse.)
And please don't sent me the web-sites, pictures and nasty e-mail again. I
know  about them, just don't happen to agree it is all evil.

    Check it Out!    

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