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The treasures you will find

I apologize to Steph before I say my part. Yes this is a me to. I purchased 
Baru from a gentleman who nearly had her loaded into a trailer to go to 
auction. Baru was a grey Registerd Arabian.  That was all I cared about. But 
I got an additional bonus. She was egyptian! oh My dream horse from 
Highschool, and yet another clencher. I dreamed about her 2 months before I 
found her. REALLY! I remember in the dream I saw her in a stall all hungry 
and skinny. Well sure enough she was all skinny and hungry. But my father 
gave me an EXTRA Christmas present that year and paid the guy $600 for her. 
She had a nasty scar on her leg that was very unsightly but she had my heart 
and had tons of try.
Baru fattened up and I knew that Endurance was her thing. She loved trails 
and was always looking ahead! I had to nearly beat her when we headed for 
home she wanted to explore even more. I lost Baru tragically last year and 
she hasn't remotely left my heart. I cried when we left Alabama because Baru 
was there. I guess you could say I left a lot of my heart there. Rob all but 
made me purchase Ansata. But I was at that I just want another horse in my 
life a replacement.
I wanted to dig up some info on Ansata and Haley and ended up getting Ansata 
and Baru's numbers mixed up So I called her and corrected my error. So I 
recieved in the mail all three pedigrees. My Jaw hit the ground when I read 
Baru's Pedigree of Indraff and Raffles and the crossings she had of them. To 
me she was just a great horse. If you saw her you would think just another 
scrawny arab. I was allowed the pleasure of riding some Royalty. She was 
truly a treasure to me but not in so much of a name but in my heart. 
Treasures are just that, they enter your life with out an inkling for you to 
know how much they are worth until they are gone from you to seek yet again. 
I tried to locate Baru's breeder or where abouts but Maybe she was just for 
me to enjoy for the short time she was here, a priceless treasure.
Carla (going to go get my kleenex)
Ansata (My great grandaddy sired 27 national champions! Nabiel!)
Haley ( yeah yeah I am a desert rose tho!)
Rob (oh no more floodgates!)
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