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Auctions etc

Jane Webber

The situation of horses at the low end auctions is a direct result of economics - supply and demand.  Same as with cats/dogs.  Until breeders slow down the supply (won't happen) there will always be too many.  I have 2 horses that are the result of the oversupply - both are VERY well bred - by breeders standards, and both are Sweepstakes nominated.  One went through 2 low end auctions, then I bought him the day before he went to Texas.

I don't know what the point of blaming everyone how this happens, but it does.  The rescue groups don't even agree with how to work together.

What needs to happen in my opinion, is accept that this occurs. Do what we can to prevent it - of make it humane. 

Breeders should be responsible and find responsible homes for their horses - which they can do by asking basic questions, and not sell to  some well meaning parent a hot, green horse for thier kids Christmas present.  It happens too much, I see people
sell a horse like the used car dealer down the street - makes for a mess - hurt people, and abused horses.  If the horse is truly unmarketable for some reason - humanely euthanize it.  

About the auctions - they are not to blame - but they should be managed well, and held to certain standard.

The slaughterhouses also should be held to standards.  I am not against slaughter - but I am against inhumane treatement.  Until
the slaughterhouses clean up their processes - I am against horse slaughter as it is in the US.  

Last horse I sold, took me longer than I would have preferred.  The horse is matched with a suitable owner.  I gave the owner the UC Davis horse care book with purchase.  It is the owners first horse - giving them a guide on the basics of care will hopefully lead to less problems due to negligence.

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