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Decent Auction experiences

Hi ridecamp:  We used to have an auction here in Southern Calif, at the Fairplex in Pomona held bi-annually called the Kavanaugh Sale.  I tried to go to every one. I am sorry they have retired, because now people are taking purebred Arabs to Quarter horse sales, and are treated extremely rudely and the horses go to ??the Killer?    When we had the Kavanaugh sale, you could count on there being many quality riding horses, usually at about $2000 for a saddlebroke horse. I did see a couple  pintos, and once a Camargue daughter go for 10,000-15,000 dollars. I have purchased two horses at that sale, one of them I've had for 11 years. She was brought to the sale by Lou Roper who is a greatly respected trainer, and gives seminars at Cal Poly. The other horse I sold. I did go with a friend and talked her into buying a Khemosabi son, a stallion. He was gorgeous, well trained and very kind. Nobody would bid on him because of his testicle problem. I told her, "Stallion today, gelding tommorrow!" She got him for a song, and had him gelded.  We also have a 2 1/2 year old gelding here that my boarder bought, I helped her avoid some  innappropriate horses, and no he wasn't my first choice for her, but she's doing well with him and he has a wonderful home. 
      Recently there was a problem at the all breed auction, that I heard about at a friend who is an auctioneer. At my friends sale, they announce that it is against the law in California to buy horses for the purpose of slaughter, or to transport for that purpose. (How about that!)  He also announces that he will prosecute!  Guess who does not come to his sale?  At the all breed sale, the killer was there, and got busted later for trying to transport some horses he got to Mexico.  I don't know what happened to him.  The horses were impounded though. 
      I think things are pretty good here, I've only seen a couple of horses come to the sale with injuries, (" he did that in the trailer, wouldn't you know it").The people who bring them usually catch a bit of hell from the "buying public", I've even seen them turn around and go home. The worst sellers are the BIG show barns, but we all know they're abnormal people anyway:) Beth

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