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Re: RC: wintec saddles

I have an all purpose with the easy change system for sale - my Ortho-flex is 
on order. The reason it did not work on Shadow is that when the gullet plate 
that matches his back shape under the front of the saddle is used, the saddle 
was still too narrow in back. So the saddle would sit low in front and drive 
my weight into his shoulders. I sent a tracing of his back to Wintec to 
verify he took a wide. Also I am a featherweight. If I didn't need to fit 3 
diff horses with one saddle I would have had the panels restuffed. I had a 
non adjustable Wintec bought to fit my first arab, and he went many miles 
with no problems at all. So I'm not saying its a bad saddle, but it won't 
always work. 
                           Shelly inDE

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