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Re: auctions

----- We will not diminish the need for these low end auctions until we each personally take responsibility for our horses till death do us part.  The rose colored glasses need to come off-reality isn't pretty, but it's there.
    I don't intend to be arguing---it appears the auctions you have been to are different from those I have attended.  
    Sure, there are a few horses who are in bad condition at the one I attend---but MOST of the horses are good horses and this is just a marketing medium.   Of the 200-plus people who attend--only *1* is a killer buyer.   I've gone a number of times, and watched, and the majority of horses go to local people.  I have also seen a "guy from the East" who comes to buy horses for the eastern riding stables as the horses are cheaper here (Texas) than there, according to him.   He buys "color" and pays a good price.   Arabians are not popular here in "QH Country" and the killers don't want them, either, so an Arabian brought to the auction will be pretty cheap.  It's not just a "throw-away" place HERE---you CAN find a good horse, and you CAN sell a horse without thinking it will end up at the killers.  
            And--what to you mean "till death do us part"?   If I buy a horse I am honor-bound to keep that horse FOREVER even if it was a poor "marriage"??   Or if I sell it I am supposed to follow up on it forever?  I have a herd of 20---I am supposed to keep ALL 20 FOREVER?   I am supposed to give up breeding because I am not supposed to sell anything I raise??   I wanted to raise endurance horses--guess I shouldn't do that???   Surely I have misunderstood you??

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