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Re: Re: Was Losers/Dressage Tests

>>Just wanted to know how many can ride a Dressage Test?  Funny as it seems
I would like know.  donna and BOB>>

Don't let anyone tell you dressage is boring.  Perhaps it's boring when
you're on a schoolmaster Warmblood whose boredom levels have overtaken his
activity quotient, but the rest of the time, it's a real challenge.
Granted, it might lack the immediate excitement of racing or jumping, but it
has its own thrills and challenges, not least of which is getting your horse
to be obedient, rhythmic, and attentive for five minutes whilst his buddy
yells his head off from the trailer, a stallion squeals behind him in the
collecting ring, some horse gets loose in the warm-up arena and tears around
at high speed, and a car goes past blaring some electioneering jargon from
megaphones and blasting rap music from the radio (yes, I've ridden this
dressage test and survived!).

Dressage is precision riding.   A good rider will be able to show the horse
at its finest with minimum interference.  Light, precise aides, a cadenced,
balanced horse and an overall impression of harmony and
sounds impossible and, for many of us, it may as well be, but it is a joy to

I have come to the conclusion that a good dressage horse will be a balance
between exhibitionism (a willingness to show off extravagant paces) and
obedience (a willingness to do the paces you dictate, as opposed to the ones
he wishes to do at that particular moment).  It is finding that balance that
is the challenge.

And for those of you who think that dressage is "boring", "staid" and
"safe", you should get along to an eventing dressage test.  Watching those
fit, over the top horses explode in the middle of the ring is something
else.  I once saw a top combination eliminate themselves in the dressage
test when the horse did the most beautiful extended trot down the long
side...and right out of the arena towards the XC course!


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