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All I Want For Christmas is a GPS <<<<<<<<

Nora Mask
I'm not currently on RideCamp but I know that you guys will have the answer to my question.  I want to take the next step into the technological age and ride with a GPS.  Basically, I want to be able to find my way back to my horse trailer when riding unfamiliar trails.  What kind/brand/style of GPS do I ask Santa to bring me?

Then maybe, in the future, I would want to be able to make a map of the trails that I ride.  Would that be an upgrade from your basic GPS or do they all come with that feature?

What has been your experience with GPSs?  What should I watch out for?  Are they water proof?  All information would be helpful since I'm starting at ground zero in this department.

Thanks  :-)

Nora Mask
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since I am not on RideCamp

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