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OT - Beet Pulp

I started all of mine on beet pulp for lunch several months ago.  I'm
just not happy with the quality of hay I'm finding here and I have an
older one that was dropping some weight.  I've since switched him to
Equine Senior and beet pulp.  And of course the fact that it has soaked
in hot water giving them the needed extra water that they need is a
plus.  Nothing more beautiful than the sound of my horses slurping their
lunches down.  I have to feed the older one only the best leafy alfalfa,
which is getting very scarce to find, so I too have started buying the
bagged afalfa and we'll add it to the beet pulp mixture.  With the price
of the beet pulp, I may end up feeding more of it as I'm really having
trouble finding good hay.  If anyone knows of "horse" quality hay here
in the state of Missouri, please let me know.  I just opened another
bale last night only to find mold in the middle of the bale.  We're from
Texas and Georgia and I've never experienced this problem with the
coastal hay.  We are new here and it does take a while to find a
supplier that you can trust.  In the meantime, I'll keep buying the beet
pulp and hope for a miracle.  Debby in Missouri

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