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Subject: Re: RC:  All I Want For Christmas is a GPS <<<<<<<<
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 09:37:36 -0500
From: Jim Holland <>
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The best without a doubt for what we "trailblazers" do is the GARMIN
GPSIII+.  I bought mine about a year ago after agonizing about which
one, thrashing through all the WEB sites, etc.  What makes the this
product head and shoulders above all others is than you can buy a CD
from Garmin which will allow you to download actual Topographic Maps
with a product called MAPSOURCE CD of any area anywhere.  You don't have
to translate latitude and longitude to hard copy maps to find out where
you are or where you've been. You can print trails, map areas, just
about anything you want.  There are also other map products which have
greater detail than the Garmin Mapsource product that will allow you to
upload waypoints to them. (You can't download the actual Topographic
Maps from them, tho)  After I get my trail waypoints defined, I upload
just the waypoints to a product called TOPO!GPS USA which give me
greater detail and lots of manipulation options.  The neat thing about
doing it this way is that you can also decide where you want to ride,
pick the elevation contours you want to follow, around mountains, over
creeks, etc. BEFORE you ever go out there. Simply mark waypoints of what
looks like the best route and download them to your GPSIII.  When you
get back you can upload where you "marked" your trail with waypoints.
It's simply amazing! The GPSIII+ also has a zillion other things,
including a "trackback" feature which is sorta like dropping

The Garmin GPSIII+ comes with a serial port cable.  (That's what the
"plus" means)  All you need is a serial port on your PC.  Very simple to

Garmin's WEB site is:

Jim Holland and Sun of Dimanche - AERC 4074


"" wrote:
> Nora Mask
> I'm not currently on RideCamp but I know that you guys will have the answer to my question.  I want to take the next step into the technological age and ride with a GPS.  Basically, I want to be able to find my way back to my horse trailer when riding unfamiliar trails.  What kind/brand/style of GPS do I ask Santa to bring me?
> Then maybe, in the future, I would want to be able to make a map of the trails that I ride.  Would that be an upgrade from your basic GPS or do they all come with that feature?
> What has been your experience with GPSs?  What should I watch out for?  Are they water proof?  All information would be helpful since I'm starting at ground zero in this department.
> Thanks  :-)
> Nora Mask
> Please reply to:
> since I am not on RideCamp
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