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Re: Was Losers/Dressage Tests

>Just wanted to know how many can ride a Dressage Test?  Funny as it seems  I 
>would like know.  donna and BOB
The "real ones" or the one quoted on rc?  I've ridden the quoted one many
times <g> and even made a decent stab at some of the real ones a few years
ago.  I found riding in front of a judge for 5 minutes and then getting a
score card telling you everything you did wrong just about as much fun as
wearing that da** black wool blazer in the hot sun...or having a root canal
done.  Probably why I gravitated towards endurance. ;-)  I love the
teachings of classical dressage (no gimmicks) and I appreciate the long
hours of training rides where I can work on these concepts with the horses
in training.  It's some of the best training a horse can have to help them
stay sound...and rider to stay balanced.

Sue Brown
Tyee Farm
ARICP Certified Riding Instructor
Recreational Riding and Dressage
Marysville, Wa.

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