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Re: Susan...Sarah...heeeeeelllllppppp!!!

Short answers:
1) If he's not losing weight, then you don't need to up his concentrate ration.  Forget what the nutrition books are telling you---the extra concentrates are only to provide enough calories to maintain body weight, if he's doing it without high grain, then you don't need it.
2)  He's probably getting more than enough vit/mins just from the ration without the added supplement---but as long as you don't go overboard with it, that's fine, but don't increase it.
Thanks, Susan.  I needed to make sure.  You've eased my mind.
3) The oil won't make him hot, just the opposite in every sense of the word.  It doesn't create glucose spikes and because it doesn't make the body 'work' to digest it, tends to lower the core temperatures, very handy in hot weather.  If he does start to lose weight, increase the fat, not grain.
I found that linseed made him hot, but sunflower oil didn't.  However, he became a bit fat on it, which is why I cut it out.  If he loses weight, I'll add the oil again.
4)  Cut the lucerne.  You don't need it, and excess protein does make quite a few horses loopy, probably as often as grain does.
I'm doing it now. 
The bad news is that if he's a perfect gentleman on the lunge line, then this really isn't a nutrititional problem---there are a few things to minimize dietary goofiness (mentioned above), but they aren't going to turn Toc into a rent-string pony.  He's just fit as hell, having a fine time and making you hang on for dear life to go along with it.
Mmm, and it's such fun!

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