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Feeding Toc

>Another indication that this is a schooling problem not a feeding problem
is that it only manifests itself when the horse is under saddle and not when
the horse is on a longe line.
Clearly, if the horse longes beautifully while at the same time becomes a
lunatic under saddle, this has little to do with the horse's physical

>One might, in this instance, longe him under saddle to determine where the
"holes" in his schooling are, or as an intermediate step to solving the
manageablility under saddle problem.>

He is just free lunged, nothing on him at all.

>But if this were my horse, I would definitely be trying to figure out a
good training regime for him, and it wouldn't include trying to get him
tired.  That doesn't solve your schooling problem, it just makes him more
fit :).  And teaches him that he doesn't have to be obedient unless he is
too tired.  Fit horses (like all horses) should be manageable from the first

Would you mind emailing me privately in this regard?


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