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Feeding Toc


Your input is ALWAYS welcome.  I understand that I should feed him according
to whatever his energy levels require, but I'm just concerned that I might
not be giving him enough for him to glean the vitamins, minerals and other
important stuff for him to cope with the work that is required of him.

I may be over-complicating what is probably quite a simple matter, but I
can't help being a bit intimidated by all the "old wives' tales" that I've
heard over the years :

~ you can't feed a TB just grass and water : they have a fast metabolism and
need lots of grain

~ a horse in that much work needs more grain

~ just because he looks good on the outside doesn't mean he doesn't lack
something on the inside.

>>Either work him *way* more or feed him less energy fuel.<<

I won't be working him as hard this summer, because I won't have the time
(last year I didn't have PG to work, too), so he probably won't get quite as
fit.  As for less energy much less energy can I give him, short
of putting him onto straight teff and water, which is sure to piss him off
in a BIG way!

Thanks again, Lif.


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