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RE: Was Losers/Dressage Tests

Well just this Saturday I rode both Intro. Level Test 1 and 2 (from the 1999
test book) in my pasture.  If you have old Pony Club books available, I
think the intro tests are the same as the D-1 and D-2 tests respectively.
All rising trots and no canter work.  Someone told me 2 shows in my area
this spring have intro tests and, if I can find them, I'm thinking of
borrowing the tack to ride.  As long as I don't have to wear white breeches!

The first test is:
A	Enter working trot rising
X	Develop medium walk continue to C
C	Turn right in medium walk
M-X-K	Walk - Develop free walk
K	Develop medium walk
A	Working trot rising
	Continue down long side to C
C	Circle left 20m
H-X-F	Change rein, working trot rising
A	Circle right 20m
A-K-E	Working trot rising
E	Turn right
B	Turn right, continue to A
A	Down Centerline
X	Halt through medium walk.  Salute

The second tests is:
A	Enter working trot rising
	Continue to C
C	Turn left
A-F-B	Continue in working trot
B	Circle left 20m
B	Straight ahead to C
C	Develop medium walk
H-X-F	Free walk
F	Develop medium walk
A	Working trot rising, continue to E
E	Circle right 20m
E	Straight ahead
M-X-K	Change rein working trot rising
A	Down Centerline
X	Halt through medium walk. Salute

I thought these were a bit wimpy until I found that Roo darling absolutely
refuses to travel in a nice free walk when he thinks we are still "working".
He has it stuck in his pea brain that free walk on a long rein is ONLY for
cool-downs.  And also poor Roo has no conception of a square halt in which
he is not allowed to cock a hip.  Much work to do before spring!

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something no one else is thinking. It is bad for the mind to be always
part of unanimity."
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Just wanted to know how many can ride a Dressage Test?  Funny as it seems  I
would like know.  donna and BOB

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