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Re: you go girls!

Im glad your furious I hope your fiend is thourghly ashamed of herself.

Personally I'm rather proud to be considered nasty by you if you contenance,
or even do the same as your freind did to a loyal servant. Why was she so
gutless ?

Over here (UK) we have to types of auctions ones for mainly slaughter bound
horses where the lucky few fit and young ones might be rescued , and
reserved auctions where performance, and other loved horses , are sold
subject to reserve price. If the reserve isnt reached the horse doesnt sell.

Your post made it clear your firend prefered her horse to have a miserable
end rather than having the courage to do the decent thing. SHAME ON HER.

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> jennifer nice
> Shannon, Dianna and Suzanne: kudos to you for your comments about
slaughter-bound horses. I was furious over the post and sent her an email
about what I thought, but didn't post it to ridecamp.
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