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Re: you go girls!

How I agree with evryones sentiments on this topic.

MY horse has given me endless pleasure and I hope when the time comes I will
be able to say I did the right thing and let him go peacefully in the
security of his own stable eating a nice big bucket of carrots.

I wonder if this individual has any asthma sufferers or arthritic family
members? Sahme she can not sell them of to slaughter as well - that would
save on health care bills wouldnt it?

Why , oh why waste time weeping to part with a good friend? Surely it s the
poor horse that should do that. Even if slaughtered 'quickly' imagine the
terror of thoses 24 hours uncared for and probabaly mishandled.  Shame on
this indivudauls friend I truley hope she never has the temerity to ride
never mind own a horse again.


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> jennifer nice
> Shannon, Dianna and Suzanne: kudos to you for your comments about
slaughter-bound horses. I was furious over the post and sent her an email
about what I thought, but didn't post it to ridecamp.
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