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Re: you go girls!

> jennifer nice
> Shannon, Dianna and Suzanne: kudos to you for your comments about
slaughter-bound horses. I was furious over the post and sent her an email
about what I thought, but didn't post it to ridecamp.

Not everyone is educated as to what happens to horses after they leave the
sales ring. And the way to educate them is not by slamming them or cutting
them down, that just makes people defensive. Talk to the person, tell them
about what happens to horse bound for slaughter, tell them about the
suffering of their old friend in the last days of their life, direct them to
the video on the net showing horses being killed. Then if they still choose
to go that route, there is nothing you can do, except never sell them a
horse or respect them as a horse person.

I know the original poster of this email that started this, she is a caring
person, who cares about her horses. She probabily is not aware of what
happens to horses after they leave the sales ring.  Do you think that
anybodies post on this help her to understand what her friend did and why it
was so wrong? Shame on you guys for just being nasty.

in ND, where, unfortunately, selling horses through the sales ring is an
accepted practice, and most people are not aware of what happens to the
horses after they leave. :-(

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