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Re: Re: you go girls!

First of all, I do not know the lady who sold her horse through the sales
ring, I have never met her, nor do I even know her name. I do not know what
happened to the horse after he was sold, nor do I agree with selling horses
through a sales ring even if the horse is young and healthy and someone
bought the horse for a riding horse. I perfer to sell horses to homes of
people that I know well and know the horse will be well cared for. And if
something should happen so that person has to sell the horse I will buy it
back. I have done it before.

The original poster is my friend and as far as I know she has never run a
horse through a sales ring, and does not agree with it. She had posted to
the list because she was so happy about going to the sales ring and finding
a perfect little horse for her daughter. The mistake she made was saying why
she was at the sales ring in the first place.

I am sorry that I offended you, Please forgive me for my last comment in
that post, it was uncalled for.

PS. We too have horse sales where there are no killers here. Just riding
horses and young stock being sold for riding horses. A certain price is set
and if you don't get it you can "no sell."

> Im glad your furious I hope your fiend is thourghly ashamed of herself.
> Personally I'm rather proud to be considered nasty by you if you
> or even do the same as your freind did to a loyal servant. Why was she so
> gutless ?
> Over here (UK) we have to types of auctions ones for mainly slaughter
> horses where the lucky few fit and young ones might be rescued , and
> reserved auctions where performance, and other loved horses , are sold
> subject to reserve price. If the reserve isnt reached the horse doesnt
> Your post made it clear your firend prefered her horse to have a miserable
> end rather than having the courage to do the decent thing. SHAME ON HER.
> Tamara
> .

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