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updates from a nut (nonenduro)

Okay I had a few minutes to give you all recent updates. BTW thanks for all 
the responses on the unicorn horn. I will be working on that till Dec 9th.
First things first. There is no such thing as good free advice. Donna 
obviously went to school for a length of time. She paid her dues, If you 
want her professional advice how ever it may be pay for it. Aint a damn 
thing for free. If you want the free advice pay for it yourself and give it 
to your self and don't complain when people ask you for the free advice. 
yeah I have been reading all the rc stuff. I'm Lurking.
Great news..The stores are up due to a recent promotion. Hard work is slowly 
paying off.
Haley and Ansata are great. Fat, Sassy and I am not haying yet??? just 
changed pastures two weeks ago...darn Ansata and Haley took out a small weak 
section of fence to get BACK to where they were. So on my way to work one 
morning.(to pull my 2nd 14 hour shift after closing the night before) I had 
to go repair fence and was late for work. I am still way behind on 
paperwork, I thought taking Thanksgiving day off would give me a new 
perspective...Yeah it just made me realize the tons of shopping for 
Christmas I had to do. I think I will just take the money go to the Bahamas 
and go to some beach and drink Frosty Mugs of beer for the Holiday...If I 
didn't but it will be our One day off for the week. sooo I better take 
advantage of it, and go see my folks in East Tennessee since I didn't get to 
see them on Thanksgiving. Mom was pretty 18lb turkey no 
son-in-law or daughter to help eat the bird. Course like most mothers she 
prepares to much anyways.
Well thats the news to me....about us...and remember this Holiday 
season...Save a Turkey..Eat a Pizza.
carla (chicken soup for thanksgiving...yummy)
Ansata (I am thankful for.....CORN!)
Haley (I am thankful for CORN,apples,carrots,sugarcubes,tizwiz,oats,.)
Rob (cheeto's for Thanksgiving..oh what joy!)
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