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head carriage for arabs

Just kinda wondering here. Does anyone out there note how their arab horse 
carries the head when riding? My mares carry at an arch wether I am riding 
with a bit or sidepull even have tried dif saddles. Was just wondering. I 
have noticed alot of riders use martingales.
I recieved several notes about split reins and martingales Sorry If I offend 
anyone here But the reason I ride split reins with a martingale is incase of 
high water incidents that I don't drown us out there. So all of you wanting 
to know why I ride split reins and don't tie them. Yes there is a lake where 
I ride sometimes.
Carla (I get to ride MONDAY!!! wheee for meeee!)
Ansata (better get some juice out of me first!)
Haley ( Getting my traveling shoes on!)
Rob (wait there poncho you aint got no helmet yet! no helmet no ride!)
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