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Saturday's Ride

For those even halfway interested...(and for those who have been baggin' on California)
I had a lovely ride today in Bakersfield.  We had a stiff breeze, partly cloudy, and highs near 60!  I headed out at about 9:30 with a friend who unfortunately, was not able to ride with me.  So, in true endurance rider fashion, I headed out solita.
I rode west toward the park and foothills.  The trail was nice and firm (it's usually pretty sandy along the river) from the week's rain and made the footing perfect!  When I got to the hills, I figured it was going to be a busy trail day because the motorcycles were out hot and heavy!  I have found that for the most part, those guys are out with their friends and families and are a nice group of people.  Today however, ALL of the rude ones, except for three, were on the trail today.  A group of at least ten nearly caused me to have a bad spill. 
I was in a VERY large open area when I saw the first of about ten motorcycle riders speeding towards me.  I moved way off of the trail to give them room.  As they rounded the bend in the road, they actually gunned their motors, spun out their tires, and zoomed past me!  My mare just couldn't handle it.  She whipped around in circles, I lost a stirrup, and did the "oh-my-gosh-here-comes-the-ground" one legged pirouette.  Not one of the group even slowed down or asked if I was going to be okay.  I finally yelled, "God Dammit!  Slow down you B#$@$^&&*!"  All to no avail of course.  The next few miles were really tough because, as I told my husband, "It was opening day of the motorcycle season."  His reply?  Superbowl's tomorrow!
I had a really good ride.  After some rough calculations, I think I did about 30 miles!  Not bad for a training ride!  20 Mule Team's 100 miler is in a few weeks and I want us to be as ready as possible.  EEEEK - my first 100! :-)
Karen & Montoya DSA

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