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Re: RC: where is everyone?

I think most everyone who does in Endurance in the pacific NW are all at the 
PNER convention.  I didn't get to go this year...maybe next.  I did, however, 
get to have a great day of riding.  We got in a little over 20 miles today 
and I am POOOOPED.  First real training ride of the year.
I am riding a Wintec pro endurance this year and so far am happy with it.  I 
like the way it is set up for my legs better than my Wintec AP.  The best 
thing that I have done for myself tho is buy stirrups from Teddy at Running 
Bear Farms.  For anyone that is having leg problems The Ultra stirrup is 
FANTASTIC.  I love mine.

Ellen, Abra & Easy
Canby, Oregon

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