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bits, like opinions, everyone has a few...

>>>>which is more
severe? a tom thumb snaffle, or a kimberwick un-broken? I think un -educated hands are the biggest problem and I recomended the wear it yourself trick to learn. I prefer the tomb thumb, for 
its snaffle appeal. My horses are very trained but also
headstrong and I some times need the added stop in competiton.<<<<

Remember, both a tom thumb, and a kimberwick (reins in bottom slot) are leverage bits. A Tom Thumb is NOT a snaffle. The longer the distance from the mouth piece to the reins, the more leverage, and "usually" more severe. But as mentioned, it is the hands, not the bit. ( a jointed mouth piece bit with shanks is actually one of the MOST severe, as it actually "wraps" around the bottom jaw when the reins are pulled on) Now, as far as uneducated hands, personally, I don't think these riders should be out on endurance rides, until they fully understand the function and use of the bit they have in their horses mouth. And last, my pet peeve....people thinking their "Natural Horsemandship" type halter gives them full and complete control of their horse in ALL situations in an endurance ride. Very often these riders are seen jetting down the trail, with the horse tugging on the reins, attempting to pull the riders arms off. If the horse is "so well trained" to be ridden in this type of set up, then it should also be well trained that it could be ridden in ANY bit, with the lightest hands, and complete control. You may "think" you have control of your horse, but will you in an emergency, or say if another horse runs into you, spooking your horse? This of course applies to ANY bridle you ride in. I'm just never sure if some of these riders think I should be impressed that their horses "can be ridden in a halter". I'm more impressed by a horse going down the trail in a mannerly fashion, happy, and willing, and in matter WHAT the bridle is. Just my opinion...

Jonni in So. California where I have as many bits, as I have opinions about them <grin>. 

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