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Re: RC: girth problem

Anytime, Mona.
And please send me those show pics of your new filly so I can put them
on Hal's web site. It will be interesting for all of us to see what the
new sporthorse classes are all about. I hear they are the fastest
growing classes in popularity, perhaps because they are still largely
amateur and not tainted yet by politics. We will have to all work to
keep them that way and then those of us who left the show arena because
of dishonesty can once again have fun at them. Oh Scottsdale CAN BE
Bette wrote:
> Thank you for the pickle juice I will try it...I heard about that along time
> ago. Hope it works...
> And, I wasn't saying that i stuck my fingers under the girth, I meant with
> just her standing there...If I rubbed the flat of my hand with pressure I got
> no response, but if I used my finger tips...not nails (don't have any) I
> would get reaction...raised head, twitching and moving away.  I  do strech
> the legs...and massage.
> I also get no reaction on the back or sholder area, only in the girth area
> Thank you so much for all of yall's help and responses
> And thanks Bette, I wasn't even gonna comment....Mona
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Bette Lamore
Whispering Oaks Arabians, Home of TLA Halynov
I've learned that life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer it
gets to the end, the faster it goes. Smell the roses!

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