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Saddles info needed

I am looking for information on saddles.  I ride a Morgan that is 22 years
old.  He has tall withers, is exactly 15 HH and is thin for his size.  He
won't get on the scales so weight is an estimate at 1000 pounds.  I am 220
pounds, (poor horse, eh?!) I have ridden him in a western cheapy saddle for
5 years, just short trips, under 20 miles, but now I notice a spot where the
rear of the saddle must be wearing his hair off in a circle about 1 inch
diameter.   I tried a narrow tree Aussie cutback saddle and it seemed to be
an improvement over what I have but it still touched his withers.  Basically
I am out of a horse until I buy a saddle so I need help.  Can someone
suggest a type of saddle that is more likely suited to this shape of horse?
Where should I begin.  I would like to buy a used one for price reasons.
 I live in north central Florida, where it has been pretty cool, almost
freezing, lately.   Thanks for your comments, Sherman

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