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Re: RC: Passing up in VCs

Interesting viewpoints expressed by all.  
    And Howard, for once FOR ONCE, I agree with you.
    When I do a hundred, (you "racers" out there, be nice), I know I have 
twenty-four hours to get me and my mount through it (not that I like using 
all 24 of 'em, mind you, but have used 22 once).
    So, give 'em a break, some of the riders out there only have six or maybe 
twelve hours to get their rides in...quit cuttin' in line, it's rude!
    When I go to get in line, and if it's too long, shame on me, but my horse 
could just be eating more forage, drinking more water and when the line's 
right, get vetted through.
    Most people, PLAN when to present their horses.


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