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Re: RC: Passing up in VCs

I must be in the minority - if I'm at a ride doing a 50 I let the 100s
go in front as it's most important for their horses to eat and rest I

I might feel differently if I had 30 100s behind me or I was pushed out
of the way by them or I was in the top 10.

This is rarely an issue past the first vet check anyway.

Tina wrote:
> Gee I hate to actually get serious for once, but I've been to a ride (and it
> was extremely crowded; over 200 riders)  where the Ride Manager had
> determined that 100 milers passed 50's & 25's, 50's passed 25's at the VC.
> Luckily, because the ride had so many pulls, it ended up not being a problem
> like I imagined it would.

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