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Re: RC: Passing up in VCs

In a message dated 1/26/00 10:53:45 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<<  No rider should be 
 expected to gracefully or otherwise allow another rider and horse to go 
 UNLESS THEY CHOOSE - no pressure, and certainly no demands.  >>

Gee I hate to actually get serious for once, but I've been to a ride (and it 
was extremely crowded; over 200 riders)  where the Ride Manager had 
determined that 100 milers passed 50's & 25's, 50's passed 25's at the VC.  
Luckily, because the ride had so many pulls, it ended up not being a problem 
like I imagined it would.  Needless to say, I probably will not attend this 
ride in the future unless Ride Management changes their policy on the VC 

Waiting in a long VC line, with a bunch of hyper horses, is one of the most 
dangerous aspects of our sport.  I've had several near misses with hooves 
flying at my face while standing in a VC line with my horse.  These 
expereinces have made me a cautious and sometimes unhappy camper in line, and 
if someone tries to pass me, and it's not allowed, this little guy will get 
in their face about it.  

I put my daughter in line right behind me cause it's the only place I know 
where she will be safe with a horse in front of her that will not kick her in 
the head and kill her.  If you have a dangerous horse you shouldn't be at a 
ride, and if you are, you'd owe it to everyone else to make sure the person 
behind you in line knows to watch out and stay back.  If you're rude enough 
to try and pass me with your horse I might be just as rude and not tell you 
about that crazy kicker ahead in line.  

Howard (feeling a bit testy today; it's darn cold outside)

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