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Re: RC: Passing up in VCs wrote:
> I have
> twenty-four hours to get me and my mount through it (not that I like using
> all 24 of 'em, mind you, but have used 22 once).
>     So, give 'em a break, some of the riders out there only have six or maybe
> twelve hours to get their rides in...
that's kind of moot point isn't it - you have 24 hours for 100 miles,
other folks have 12 hours for 50 miles or 6 for 25 the time
is relative to the distance.

I was referring to _letting_ 100s in front of me- as in I offer to do it
to be nice - I was not referring to someone elbowing their way up the
line and me just smiling and letting them by me

that probably wouldn't happen :)

>     Most people, PLAN when to present their horses.
you can only do so much planning when you have a 30 or 40 minute hold
and you know you'll be in line 90% of that time and the other 10% will
be used to go to the bathroom and refill your camelbak. How would you
propose to plan around that?

I'm with Angie as far as waiting in line - grab some hay and a bucket of
beet pulp, and just relax :)

Tina - who is looking forward to standing in line for the first time in
almost a year at my first ride in early March

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