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Re: RC: Re: travelling with horses

>peggy J York wrote:
>> I visited your website and tried to connect to the more stopovers
>> nationwide link.  Was unable to connect.  Would you know of a stopover
>> with horse facilities along I 40 around the western part of Arizona or
>> the eastern part of CA around Needles.  I have been unable to locate one.
>>  We are picking up a new horse in San Jose and can find accomendation
>> around Flagstaff but would like to try something a little closer to the
>> western Arizona line.  If you could reccommend sometihing we would
>> appreciate it.
>> Thanks

If you are willing to come into AZ south of I40 (like via I10) there is the
Horspitality RV Park and Boarding stables in Wickenburg on US 60
(520-684-2519).  We stayed there sans horses a couple months ago, but
looked over the horse facilities and they look quite nice.

Lynn Kinsky (Santa Ynez, CA)

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