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Re: travelling with horses

peggy J York wrote:
> I visited your website and tried to connect to the more stopovers
> nationwide link.  Was unable to connect.  Would you know of a stopover
> with horse facilities along I 40 around the western part of Arizona or
> the eastern part of CA around Needles.  I have been unable to locate one.
>  We are picking up a new horse in San Jose and can find accomendation
> around Flagstaff but would like to try something a little closer to the
> western Arizona line.  If you could reccommend sometihing we would
> appreciate it.
> Thanks

Our server must have been having a bad hair day.  I looked at our stopover list
tonight (it really IS there!) but we don't have anything down in that part of

I also scanned the list at but couldn't find
a match right off.  

Maybe there's someone lurking on Ridecamp (cc above) who can help you out.

Good luck and have a great trip with your horses.


    Natalie's Barn & Breakfast    1-877-NATBARN

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