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Re: Unidentified subject!

Hi everyone
In France if a "National" race ride is organised (ie 130kms or more) then
that is the only ride on the day, so the vet-checks are not an issue.
If an organiser is running mixed distances, usually 20kms, 40kms, 60kms and
90kms then they are obliged to have two vetting areas.  One for the
set-speed rides (20-60's) and then a vet-gate for the 90kms ride which is
It can be frustrating if you are doing 60kms (set-speed) and you go to vet
(30 mins after arriving) to find a bunch of "tourists" doing 20kms have
arrived just before you, quite probably late for THEIR vetting and you have
to wait around while the vets deal with them.  Its a pain particularly if
you've got a stallion.
Over here there is a big drive to involve the equestrian clubs in endurance
at entry-level (20kms) so you get large groups of riders who are just out to
have a good time (no harm in that) but who do tend to jam up the vetting.
Particularly the prelim vetting because you can be sure that there will be
at least one who has a problem with his/her horse's passport, ie horse
description or vaccinations, or whatever.
There is a theoretical closing date for entries for rides over here but in
practice the poor ride organiser often doesn't have exact figures for
entries until the morning of the ride, which can make decising how many vets
to have very difficult.  Too many and it costs you money, too few and
everyone bitches.  I've been involved in organising a small ride and had the
task of phoning around to find a third vet the night before the ride.
SW France

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> Renee
> I should have known better than to try to limit my comment about this.
> AT VET CHECKS.  I do not believe that 50's deserve more consideration
> than 25's nor do I think that 100's deserve to go in front of 50's who
> have been waiting their turn, either.  If some 100-milers get extra
> consideration then they have been given an unfair advantage over other
> 100 milers - and the 50's and 25's that they pushed aside are at an
> advantage to others in their ride that did not get that bad treatment.
> That was the point of my post.  And yes, ride management should have
> enough vets to handle the crowd at its worst.
> I've heard a lot of whining about less relevant subjects on this forum!
> Dave  Bennett
> Georgia
> On Tue, 25 Jan 2000 22:33:22 EST writes:
> > I hate it when at rides that I have helped at, the 50's raise their
> > hand at
> > the pre-ride meeting and ask " do the 50's get to see the vet ahead
> > of the
> > 25's? "  they are usually answered with a "no".  I don't see why
> > 50's should
> > get to go ahead in line, the 25 miler horses are just as important.
> >
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