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Re: Re: pre-purchase exams

Hi Maggie
I've never thought to involve my farrier in a pre-purchase examination - its
a sound idea.
I do however involve him right from the start with a new horse.  Its amazing
what a good farrier can do over a period of time, even with a mature horse,
with corrective  trimming.
Feet trimming is something that many breeders (especially here in France)
economise on.  The other things are worming and feeding!
My farrier trims the foals from about 5-6 months unless there's a particular
problem to deal with earlier.  They get trimmed more often than the bigger
youngsters so that any small fault can be corrected whilst the limbs are
still maturing.
The broodmares are trimmed just as regularly as the other horses.  My vet is
an AI/embryo transfer specialist and you wouldn't believe the feet on some
of the brood-mares he gets into his clinic, particularly the surrogate mares
who are often semi-draught mares with big flat feet.  Just awful.
SW France

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> Another good resource you should consider is having your FARRIER do a pre
> purchase exam as well.  Many think that farriers are only concerned about
> the feet.  Not so.  Lameness and soundness problems are an inherent part
> a farrier's job and he may notice something or have advice to offer that a
> vet might not.  Good idea to get a vet that is willing to work with your
> farrier as a fellow professional.  We treasure those vets who value the
> farrier's opinions in addition to their own!  Re: flexion tests...Nelson
> says that they are valuable assessments and the point to consider is how
> far and long does that "offness" persist?  It's not uncommon for a sound
> horse to have a hitch in his gitalong for the first few steps after a
> flexion test but it should smooth out immediately and not be noticeable.
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