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Re: RC: Re: Panacur Dosage X 2

At 01:04 PM 1/26/00 +0000, hn.heather wrote:
>Hi all,
>This is an interesting topic.
>Encysted larvae seem to be the problem of the moment.  I would be interested
>to hear what the vets think about this?  Is it a real problem or something
>dreamed up by the dewormer manufacturers? 

a number of years ago a half arab we had a problem with migrating larvae --
rubbing his neck, shoulders etc.  vet had me worm him every day for 5 days
with Ivermectin, preped him before hand with predisone.  he was about 800
lbs and gave a full done every day.  he handled it fine and the itch
problem was gone.


Karen Clanin
Karim's Bengal Cats & Custom Art Work

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