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Fw: Belesemo Horses

My mare Gracie is from the Crabbett line.  Her "real" name is Country's Grey
Lady.  I just started diving into studying the bloodlines, too -
interesting, isn't it?

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Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2000 10:14 AM
Subject: RC: Belesemo Horses

> Hey, just for fun and as a up and comming endurance star (Belesemo Epic
> me)
> I would love to know who all has Belesemo bred horses...I've checked under
> Belesemo Trad as Sire and I know you have a Trad son Heidi...hows he
> doing...are you doing any rides on him yet?  what are his P&R's
> I know Epics are awesome and legs...any way Is he a gelding?  I can't wait
> till Epic is old enough to enter rides and get to meet all of yall!   But
> eles has one and how are yall doing?  I'd like to know about the babies
> I could talk about God and Horses all day...  I love hearing about theses
> other breeding programs...I am really just getting into the bloodline
> these past 5 is so interesting...I just love the Crabbet lines.
> Thanks for all the info...
> I really enjoy RC the camaraderie and I have learned so's been a
> while since I have done a ride...first looking for then raising my colt,
> it's worth the wait.
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